Blank is about more than just a menu; it is about celebrating exceptional produce and people behind it.  We work with suppliers, farmers, and growers, big and small, from all provinces of Ireland and we’ve made a promise that our menus will only use produce from this island, unless, in exceptional circumstances it is fundamental to the dish and is not produced here.


When choosing Blank Restaurant, you are choosing to embark on a dining experience. You are very much leaving all the choices to us and as such we do not have the provision to offer alternative dishes to those served each night albeit that, with advance notice, we can cater for vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian and pregnancy diets.




Since we opened in October 2021, we found more often than enough that our guests have rediscovered ingredients or dishes they would have otherwise avoided. Being open minded and trusting our expertise offers a new perspective on the ingredient that is unexpected and surprising.